A Blessing In Disguise

Dinner was almost ready, or so I thought, when my wife, asked, “Would you mind going the store and getting some more spaghetti noodles, I don’t think there is enough.” I was a bit irritated, thinking, “why are you just now asking me to go to the store when dinner is almost ready, and I’m hungry?”

So, with a bit of an attitude, I got up and went to the store to get more noodles. On my way back to the cabin, as I was about to turn, blocking the street was an old pickup truck and a small pull behind camper. An older gentleman was frantically trying to hook the camper to the pickup. The camper had come unhitched, and the humble older gentleman, who was alone, was obviously unable to reattach the camper. I remember thinking, “Come on! I’m hungry, and you are in my way!”

I reluctantly put on the emergency flashers, got out of the car, which was in the turning lane of a hectic road, which leads to Dollywood. I got out of the car and carefully made my way to the old man. The old man said as I approached, “I’m so sorry, I just had it welded, and the shop didn’t hook the camper securely. I’m sorry!”

Still, with a bit of an attitude, I responded by saying, “It’s okay, may I help?” Like I knew anything about hooking up campers. With eyes that were a bit watery, he looked at me a softly said, “Please.” As traffic rushed by, we lifted the trailer hitch on the camper and, with a great effort, pulled the trailer forward and lowered it onto the ball, securing the camper to the old pickup. With that, the old man said to me, with a soft and humble voice, “Thank you, son, thank you. You are an answer to my prayer.”

I made my way across the busy road, got into the car, and began making my way up the hill with the all-important noodles. But something had changed. My attitude had changed, it had softened, and a pleasant sense of peace had filled me. “Thank you, son, you are an answer to my prayer.” Wow! If he had only known what I had been thinking.

As I continued toward the cabin, one of my favorite quotes came into my mind. “Open your eyes, I’m a blessing in disguise.” (Young Jeezy). This old man, who had blocked my way and interrupted my day, had, in fact, been a blessing in disguise! Thank you Norman, Thank you!


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