The Only Disability

As I reflect this early morning on yesterday’s events, they can only be described as wonderfully difficult. We went as a family to the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The day before we spent the day at Dollywood. My body ached and it still does. I was struggling with my balance and I still am. My thought process was slow and still is. As we stood in line to get our tickets for the Aquarium, it began to rain. I confess, my attitude by now was not the best, and that is putting it nicely. I began thinking, “This is supposed to be a vacation, a time to enjoy and relax, but here I am standing in the rain, getting wet and my muscles are tight and aching and I am hungry and I just want to go back to the cabin and chill!”

Finally, we made our way out of the rain and into the aquarium. But we were then made to wait again, due to the rules concerning the number of people who could enter the aquarium at any given time. “Great!” I thought, “I just want to go eat and go back to the cabin, I mean, a fish is a fish, what more do I need to know?”

We did finally make our way through the exhibits, how-bit-it very slowly! We then went to eat, but it took a lot of walking to find a place that wasn’t too crowded! My son, Garrett, sensing my somewhat negative attitude, made the suggestion that those who wanted to stay and shop could while I and whomever wanted to could go back to the cabin, since we had come in two cars. “Amen!” I thought; I knew there was a good reason for having kids. My daughter, Kayla and son A.J. agreed to go back to the cabin with me while the others stayed to “enjoy shopping.”

When the three of us got back to the cabin, I poured me a glass of Milo’s Sweet Tea, and sat down in the lazy boy recliner and thought now this is more like it! But, dang-it, just as soon as I thought everything was as it should be, my wondering mind began to echo a quote I had read earlier in the morning. It was by Scott Hamilton, and said, “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” Man, was I crippled! I remember thinking and praying, “God, heal me from my disability – not so much the Parkinson’s as My Bad Attitude!” I’m told, healing is often a process and takes time. God is still working on me and I am getting better. My family says, “Amen Lord, work a little faster, please!”

The real disability in anyone’s life is a bad attitude, everything else can be overcome or compensated. I wonder, are you disabled – handicapped by a bad attitude? If you are, do you want to be healed? The first step is confession and the second is prayer.

Here’s to a new attitude!


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