The Abstract Beauty of Community

I had a dream last night. The fact that I had a dream is not unusual. In fact I dream very vivid dreams most nights, that is when I’m able to sleep. Some of these dreams are dark and nightmarish, others are quite delightful.

I finally fell asleep around 3:00am and was awakened by my alarm at 6:00am. I tried to go back to sleep to re-enter my dream and see its ending, but I was unable to do so. I’m left now with the task of trying to understand the message within the dream. I believe God often speaks to us through dreams and visions.

In my dream, I’m standing in an art gallery staring at a painting that, to me, appears to be nothing more than a variety of different colors, randomly thrown upon the canvas. The title of the picture is called Life. As I stare at the painting and read its title, I think to myself – Wow, if that represents Life, then Life is a mess.

In the dream, I continue to stand, staring at the canvas of colors. As I do, something amazing begins to take place. What I had perceived as chaotic and disconnected suddenly began to merge together, and the beauty of the uniquely different colors seemed to reveal a message, a message of “collective individualism,” joined together as a real community. What? I know I seem to be rambling, but there is a message I’m sensing in my spirit. It is a message for the Church.

This painting, for me, as I reflect on it speaks a strong message that I believe to be from the heart of God regarding His Kingdom. His Kingdom is made up of uniquely different colors (people) that seemingly don’t fit together. Still, by His presence, the colors that seem so different and disconnected are brought together into a strangely beautiful community.

God has never demanded that we all look alike. There must be, however, a willingness, to recognize the beauty and value of each individual and connect to the other, by yielding to His wisdom, as the artist.

There is a beautiful quote by Danny Kaye, “Life is a great canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.”

So, start slinging your paint on the canvas of your day and watch what God will create as others throw there paint upon the art of our “collective individualism.” I have a strange feeling that what seems chaotic and disconnected will become a beautiful painting of His Kingdom. Lord, give us eyes to see; and a heart to join with those who seem to be out of place on our canvas and, by so doing, reveal the beauty of an “abstract community.”


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