The Little Prophet

I was at the doctor’s office a few days ago. While there, I witnessed the most inspiring and, at the same time, most chastising events. The waiting area was full, oh there were a lot of open seats, but most of them had a sign on them that read, “Don’t Sit Here.” Due to social distancing, seating was limited.

As I sat waiting, an elderly couple walked into the waiting room. All of the available seating was taken. So, the woman stood while the gentleman went to the window to check-in.

It was then I witnessed one of the most inspiring moments I’ve experienced in a long time. I watched as a young boy, maybe eight or nine years old, turn to a gentleman I assume was his dad. He tapped his dad on the shoulder. His dad looked over at the elderly woman, and they stood. The young boy then walked over to the elderly woman, spoke to her while pointing to the now empty chairs. He took her by the hand and walked her to the vacant chairs. She sat down. As she sat, the young boy reached into his pocket, pulled out a little packet, and opened it. He then handed her the small pack, and she took it and, with shaking hands, removed a sanitized wipe. She wiped her hands, and then the young boy took the wipe and throw it away in a wastebasket.

By now, the older gentleman had returned and sat down next to his wife, separated only by an empty chair. The boy looked first at the elderly couple, both of whom smiled, and nodded at the boy and mouthed the words thank you. He then looked at his dad, who stood against the wall. His dad stood tall, grinning from ear to ear and mouthed the words, “Well Done!”

I was inspired by the actions of this young boy, but at the same time, chastised by the fact I hadn’t even thought to get up and offer my chair to a much older person.

Wow, thank you, Lord, for the “little prophet” used by you to both inspire and chastise me to be more compassionate. Take a moment and read Isaiah 11: 6, reflect, and be open to all that God has to say to you today!


One thought on “The Little Prophet

  1. Wonderful example of a well-bred young man. Whether the family are Christians Or not, he has been taught good manners.


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