I’m Fine, Really

I’m fine, is my too often refrain to a question by those who care enough to ask, “How are you doing? How have you been?” I’ve gotten so used to saying the phrase that it has become commonplace.

Some will accept my response, but there are those in my life who refuse to simply move on. They look and see that everything is not okay. They will dare to press deeper and ask, “No, how are you really doing?” I must admit I’m often irritated by their persistent inquiry, but at the same time grateful that they care enough to see beneath the surface into that which dwells beneath.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who takes great care to clothe themselves with the garment of “All is Well.” I’m sure others say, “I’m fine” when they are not.

I want to be like those who care enough to look beyond the surface and press deeper, seeing the pain and struggle of those who take great care to clothe themselves in the garment of “I’m fine.”

Lord, give me the courage to look beyond my pain and see the need of those around me. Help me to not be satisfied with the phrase, “I’m fine.” Help me care enough today to take the time to really see beneath the familiar refrain and hear the cry that lies within.



One thought on “I’m Fine, Really

  1. It is do true that ‘I’m fine’ is a pat easy practiced response. My prayer is for God to help me be honest when people care enough to ask.


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