You’re So Much More

I got a new smartwatch the other day. It really is a fantastic thing. Just listen to what it can do. It tracks my sleeping patterns, as well as my heart rate and my blood pressure. It monitors my oxygen levels. It scans my body temperature. And get this, I can simply press a button, and it performs an ECG! It tracks my activity level and alerts me if I am stationary too long. That’s one function I’m not very fond of, but the watch is impressive, and yes, it gives me the date and time of day.

The list of information this watch gathers and reveals concerning my health is extensive. It even tells me how fatigued I am and how strong my immune system is. Wow, what a watch! But, the one function this watch is incapable of measuring is my spiritual condition.

We spend billions of dollars every year in this country on health-related products and equipment and gym memberships. That’s not a bad thing necessarily. But how much time and energy do we expend regarding our spiritual health? What good is it to spend so much time, energy, and resources on our physical health and in the end die, lost and bound for Hell?

Hey, I know this is a bit strong and maybe even negative, but the point I’m seeking to make is, we are more than mere flesh and bone. We are also spirit beings with a consciousness that is eternal and will exist long after our earthly bodies have expired.

May I suggest that as we work at staying physically healthy, that we also give attention to our spiritual condition. You may be asking, where do I start, and what do I do to improve my spiritual condition? Well, I want to share, over the next five days, what I have called “The Five Minute Plan.” That’s right, just five minutes!

So, stay tuned, and remember you’re more, so much more than flesh and bone!


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